(Moxibustion & Bamboo Salt)

Short Review of Moxibustion and use of Bamboo Salts provided by O.P.

My experience with moxibustion is the following. 1) It has given me a greater sense of well being, not just after each treatment but that sense of well being has stayed with me for days and even weeks afterwards. 2) The treatment have provided a better sense of alertness and a happier outlook of life. 3) Have kept my body free of pain and a better capacity to deal with daily work related stress. 4) My Skin looks levelier and my hair looks shinier.

In regards to the use of bamboo salts. 1) Right away I noticed a sense of cleanliness in my mouth. 2)On my latest regular dental check up much less plaque was noticed. 3) My blood pressure stabilized

My name is Ann, 70 years old.

January 8, 2018