(Disk – Lower Back)

I used to have L4 and L5 disk problem. It is now a common illness for people in nowadays. I wasn’t able to live my routine because of this disk problem; I wasn’t able to walk properly, climb stairs, lift things, and etc. I looked for the cure from everywhere possible such as hospitals, emergency rooms, or chiropractor; however, they couldn’t solve my problem. When I finally arrived to healing point, I met OP. When OP saw my unbalanced steps, he seem to understand where he need to go for on my body. He ran couple diagnosis around my pain source, then gave me those oriental acupuncture method. Needles looked little scary, but I didn’t even notice that it was on my body already until OP told me so. Believe or not, after our session, I was able to walk! little by little! I never believed in acupuncture stuff before this happened. I fully trusted OP afterwards and let him cure my body. After about a month of session, I was back to my daily life. I am glad that I found such gifted doctor around my corner and can’t thank him enough. Thank you OP!!