(Dislocated Shoulder)

My left shoulder often gets dislocated such as when I lift my hands to ride on a rollercoaster or play an aggressive sport and put a strain on my shoulder.  Before I met OP, whenever my shoulder would dislocate, I would go to the emergency room, get an anesthetic and get my shoulder fixed, or get surgery, get an x-ray, take medicine, and get physical therapy.   Whenever I played a high-impact sport, my shoulder dislocated repeatedly, so I went to see OP…

He explained to me about my body in layman’s terms, and I learned from him that my condition can be treated painlessly with moxibustion and acupuncture treatment.  When I first got acupuncture treatment and my shoulder was fixed (from what I could tell) I could go about my day without any discomfort.  Still, OP recommended that I keep receiving treatments until my condition was completely healed, but because of my busy schedule and going about my daily life, I stopped coming to get treatments.

3-4 months after that, I went back to OP after playing a sport aggressively, and my shoulder dislocated again.  This time around, I got acupuncture treatment on my neck, back, and the connecting areas.  I also got the fire-cupping treatment. After receiving these treatments two times, my shoulder completely healed, and I have not experienced any discomfort in my daily life to this day.  I was under the impression that relocating a shoulder was only possible using treatments used in Western medicine, but I was amazed and thankful to learn that complete healing is possible with the use of a minimal amount of acupuncture needles.  Although there are countless of acupuncturists and acupuncture clinics around, I fully believe in OP and that he will be able to heal any illness because he treats his patients and their illness with compassion and understanding.