(Heart Disease)

It happened about a year ago…when I got diagnosed by my doctor that I might need to get heart surgery.  I felt hopeless.  I don’t remember when it began, but I started experiencing heart discomfort, and when it became difficult for me to breathe, I often clenched my heart.  This occurred more and more, so I got an EKG, blood test, and x-ray done.  I was in my early 60s…trying best to live my life, but I realized that I did not focus on my health… Continue reading Suzan

(Heart Disease)


(Scoliosis and Fibromyalgia)

I already had already been suffering from scoliosis and fibromyalgia when I was in a terrible automobile accident in 1993…After the accident I was left with years of severe neck pain and crippling back pain that was debilitating.  Dr. Schoneberger is a genius.  He gave me my life back…or should I say he gave my back life.  His technique and skill restored my mobility and helped me get the pain under control. I am now able to do so many things that I wasn’t able to do before like perform in a salsa dance group. He is compassionate and really knows what he is doing!  I strongly recommend anyone to see him if you are having any neck or back issues!


(Complication & Circulation)

I hightly recommend the massage and Moxa therapy with O.P. For many years I had several health issues and blocks in my body I couldn’t fix. O.P literally saved my life. His understanding and knowledge of the physical and spiritual body is above expectations. O.P is gifted with amazing healing powers combined with a scientific approach of medicine. You will receive benefits on all levels: physical, mental and emotional.



(Dislocated Shoulder)

My left shoulder often gets dislocated such as when I lift my hands to ride on a rollercoaster or play an aggressive sport and put a strain on my shoulder.  Before I met OP, whenever my shoulder would dislocate, I would go to the emergency room, get an anesthetic and get my shoulder fixed, or get surgery, get an x-ray, take medicine, and get physical therapy.   Whenever I played a high-impact sport, my shoulder dislocated repeatedly, so I went to see OP…
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(Dislocated Shoulder)


(Deep Tissue)

O.P. is the best masseuse I’ve had work on my body in 37 years. He does deep tissue healing that’s far beyond a typical massage. After two massages with him I am pain free for the first time in many many years. O.P. is the best masseuse on the planet: a true healer.


(Chronic Menstrual Cramps)

I’m an overall healthy person, but the biggest health issue that I’ve had as long as I can remember is chronic menstrual cramps. Every month, I would suffer from severe back pains and discomfort with a pinching sensation all over my abdomen. Also, I have relatively cold hands and feet even during the summer here in Los Angeles. So I decided to go try out treatments twice a week for about 4 months, and I began to see a difference even after one month. I usually take 2-4 or even up to 6 pain killers a day on the first two days of my menstrual cycle. But after the first month, I only took 2 pills the first day and the pain was already much more bearable, so I didn’t take anymore. Then after the second month, I did not need to rely on any pills!! So we decided to reduce the treatments to once a week, and that unpleasant pain did not come back even after the third and the fourth month! My cold feet and hands also warmed up a lot. This result really relieves a lot of stress both physically and mentally now that the pain has eased up on me…
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(Chronic Menstrual Cramps)



This place is FANTASTIC. And while I don’t normally write reviews, I wanted to this time because HAILE there is absolutely AMAZING and really helped me. I wandered into Grace over a year ago, a long-time acne sufferer who hoped facials might help me. Did they ever! Even after my first visit to Grace, my outbreaks were reduced and skin looked so much better.

I honestly can’t recommend HAILE enough. She’s so kind, skilled and knowledgeable. Her facial treatments are just the best and she quickly identified products I was using that might be contributing to my skin problems.  I feel like Haile has a very individualized approach, getting to know every client’s particular skin issues and helping them overcome them.

I haven’t had anything else done here but the whole staff is really friendly and the spa is so calming. I love going there. I feel like I hit the lottery finding Haile. I plan to go back for years to come. And I’ve encouraged everyone I know to do the same. So lucky I found these guys!



I have visited twice and both times, Robert Ascensio took care of me! He did a FANTASTIC job! HEALING HANDS!! I was so relaxed I didn’t want to drive home!! He really knows what he is doing! As for the location, their staff is wonderful! The atmosphere was so calming, relaxing, and welcoming! They keep the climate in there perfectly comfortable!  I almost fell asleep! I have seen the menu of things and services offered, they have a large variety of wonderful, healing services! At reasonable prices too! I just want to say thank you for your time and healing fingers Robert! Keep up the fantastic service, run down, and care!


(Neck & Shoulder)

I have known and been treated by Aaron Schoneberger, D.C. for over 10 years. I have a chronic neck and shoulder condition that can become quite painful. Aaron has been my “go to” chiropractor to alleviate my pain when it gets particularly bad. He always gets the job done. Most recently, I was on vacation and a massage therapist actually adjusted me during a massage, leaving me in quite a bit of pain for almost two weeks. I finally went to see Dr. Schoneberger, and after one treatment, I felt remarkably better and free of pain. In the past, when my issues have been more serious, he has always contributed to my healing and wellness. Continue reading Victoria

(Neck & Shoulder)