(Moxibustion & Bamboo Salt)

Short Review of Moxibustion and use of Bamboo Salts provided by O.P.

My experience with moxibustion is the following. 1) It has given me a greater sense of well being, not just after each treatment but that sense of well being has stayed with me for days and even weeks afterwards. 2) The treatment have provided a better sense of alertness and a happier outlook of life. 3) Have kept my body free of pain and a better capacity to deal with daily work related stress. 4) My Skin looks levelier and my hair looks shinier.

In regards to the use of bamboo salts. 1) Right away I noticed a sense of cleanliness in my mouth. 2)On my latest regular dental check up much less plaque was noticed. 3) My blood pressure stabilized

My name is Ann, 70 years old.

January 8, 2018


(Heart Disease)

It happened about a year ago…when I got diagnosed by my doctor that I might need to get heart surgery.  I felt hopeless.  I don’t remember when it began, but I started experiencing heart discomfort, and when it became difficult for me to breathe, I often clenched my heart.  This occurred more and more, so I got an EKG, blood test, and x-ray done.  I was in my early 60s…trying best to live my life, but I realized that I did not focus on my health… Continue reading Suzan

(Heart Disease)


(Complication & Circulation)

I hightly recommend the massage and Moxa therapy with O.P. For many years I had several health issues and blocks in my body I couldn’t fix. O.P literally saved my life. His understanding and knowledge of the physical and spiritual body is above expectations. O.P is gifted with amazing healing powers combined with a scientific approach of medicine. You will receive benefits on all levels: physical, mental and emotional.



(Dislocated Shoulder)

My left shoulder often gets dislocated such as when I lift my hands to ride on a rollercoaster or play an aggressive sport and put a strain on my shoulder.  Before I met OP, whenever my shoulder would dislocate, I would go to the emergency room, get an anesthetic and get my shoulder fixed, or get surgery, get an x-ray, take medicine, and get physical therapy.   Whenever I played a high-impact sport, my shoulder dislocated repeatedly, so I went to see OP…
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(Dislocated Shoulder)


(Deep Tissue)

O.P. is the best masseuse I’ve had work on my body in 37 years. He does deep tissue healing that’s far beyond a typical massage. After two massages with him I am pain free for the first time in many many years. O.P. is the best masseuse on the planet: a true healer.


(Chronic Menstrual Cramps)

I’m an overall healthy person, but the biggest health issue that I’ve had as long as I can remember is chronic menstrual cramps. Every month, I would suffer from severe back pains and discomfort with a pinching sensation all over my abdomen. Also, I have relatively cold hands and feet even during the summer here in Los Angeles. So I decided to go try out treatments twice a week for about 4 months, and I began to see a difference even after one month. I usually take 2-4 or even up to 6 pain killers a day on the first two days of my menstrual cycle. But after the first month, I only took 2 pills the first day and the pain was already much more bearable, so I didn’t take anymore. Then after the second month, I did not need to rely on any pills!! So we decided to reduce the treatments to once a week, and that unpleasant pain did not come back even after the third and the fourth month! My cold feet and hands also warmed up a lot. This result really relieves a lot of stress both physically and mentally now that the pain has eased up on me…
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(Chronic Menstrual Cramps)


(Chronic Fatigue & Obesity)

The taste of alcohol, which I used to enjoy daily, became bitter, and I would get so tired after eating dinner that I would go to bed early. My fatigue has since disappeared. I feel that I have regained my health. The taste of alcohol is amazing. Now I get moxibustion treatments with my wife from time to time. My wife has lost 20 pounds.



I did cupping here with the new owner, he is absolutely the kindest person. Treated me like a very valuable costumer since the moment i made the call. Very attentive with some tea, and chocolates. The place is completely renovated and peaceful. My cupping went great, my lower back pain is completely gone. Definitely recommend this place and therapy for people that suffer from back pain. He is amazing with his hands! OH and the private lot parking is a HUGE plus. Very convenient.


(Disk – Lower Back)

I used to have L4 and L5 disk problem. It is now a common illness for people in nowadays. I wasn’t able to live my routine because of this disk problem; I wasn’t able to walk properly, climb stairs, lift things, and etc. I looked for the cure from everywhere possible such as hospitals, emergency rooms, or chiropractor; however, they couldn’t solve my problem. When I finally arrived to healing point, I met OP. Continue reading Peter

(Disk – Lower Back)